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The circle of Angels is a website created to share information with like minded curious souls in search of different spiritual topics. For example; the blog I’ve been working on will be filled with information based on my personal experience, recipes I use and spells or prayers I’ve used in the past. My experience in the spiritual realms reach from the Angelic world to the elven world, the Fae kin and healing. The information I share and topics I’ve come across are either information I gathered through research and channelings, most will be related to the Angelic world, the old Asturu path, the celtic spirit world and not to forget my experiences while communicating with my spirit guides, Angels and many other souls. There have been many Angels I’ve communicated with who were kind enough to share their story with me. Some of these Angels are names many of you might know but others are unfamiliar yet just as important to our universe and those are the ones I wish to share more information about. Our conversations have ranged between the simplest things such as the question am I making the right choice, to the awakening of souls and the false prophets who seem to desire nothing more than to fill their pockets with you hard earned money. Amongst the information, the channelings and the fun ne can have within our community there will also be free of charge healing circle you could join, a series of attunements you can get and other spiritual teachings to enrich your life. And last but not least; you will be able to add your own topics, ask questions inone of the upcoming groups or on the forum.

The reason behind an Angelic and otherkin community is not just based on the wish to inform the world about the Angelic information I was graced with but also because there aren’t many Spiritual communities based on the Higher Dimensions even though there are many looking for answers in some way or form. While some of us might find their peace with god, others search for their answers behind different doors, uniting these souls who have their own experience in life and have them find a balance in which we learn from eachother is one of the goals here. That is one of the reasons I ask you to respect every member of this site, we are against bullying, we are against any kind of discrimination and therefor ask our members to have an open mind, listen without judging and maybe you will learn something new.

There are so many different types of spiritually developed people for example there are those who resonate with the otherkin, indigo, starseeds and Earth Angels. Circle of Angels offers not just a community for like minded souls but also the information one would need to learn more about these type of spiritually inclined souls. Everyone has their own experience, their own opinion and their own knowledge which you are free to share here with others may they be like minded or merely curious about the topics. For me the connection lies with the Angelic realm, The Norse religion Asatru and the Celtic mythology but I have a curiosity towards all knowledge one could find about the spiritual realms. There is so much we could learn from each other as long as you’re open to the knowledge others are willing to share.

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