archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel

  • Name Archangel:
  • Also known as:
  • Angelic Rank:
  • Angelic race:
  • Celestial title:
  • Guardian off:
  • Works with:
  • Legions: 
  • What religion mentions him:
  • Egyptian name:
  • Norse name:
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  • Energy color:
  • Planet under rulership:
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  • Zodiak:
  • Element:
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  • Symbol:
  • Tarot card:
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  • Herb:
  • Anatomy Governed:
  • Zadkiel
  • Zadqueel, Zadquil, Zadqiel
  • Principality
  • Seraphim
  • Angel of benevolence, mercy, Forgiveness.
  • The violet Flame. 
  • Archangel Raziel, Michael and Gabriel, 
  • He has a legion of healers who spread the violet flame.
  • Kabbalah, Santeria
  • Meretseger, goddess of mercy and forgiveness. 
  • Baldr, 
  • Apollo 
  • Violet, light blue, white, purple.
  • Pleiades,
  • Spring, 
  • April
  • Friday, Saturday.
  • Gemini
  • Water,
  • Panda, Butterfly
  • violet.
  • Sugilite
  • a spinning vortex.
  • hermit
  • Maple tree
  • Sweet Asylum
  • Aster
  • chest, lungs, heart.

The Origins Of the Archangel Zadkiel

Zadkiel first appears in the Kabbalah dominating the 4th Sephiroth, named Chesed on the Sephirotic Tree. This dimension corresponds to grace, benevolence, and compassion. It represents the unconditional love and kindness manifested by Divinity upon Earth.

The Sephiroth Tree is a representation of the multiple astral planes and pillars of the universe. There is a different Archangel by every pillar who  guards each threshold to a higher the higher spiritual realms. A soul can advance to such levels through the process of reincarnation. The more advanced the spiritual level, the more “trials” one has to pass within their lives to grow.

In the Bible, Archangel Zadkiel is the one who stopped Abraham from sacrificing his son, Isaac.

Zadkiel has a tremendous amount of wisdom, his energy can be compared to a king, strong and wise, a soul with many years of experience.

That is why Zadkiel is also known for spreading the ideal of tolerance in the hearts of mankind.