What is a Spirit Guide?

A spirit guide can come from many different sources, he or she might be a deceased relative who communicates with you in ways you would recognize. I’ve known some to appear in dreams or bring message and give form to ideas directly within our mind. They’re known to guide you one way or another on both your spiritual and physical journey here on Earth.  

There are those who have a animal guide that acts as a companion or enrich your journey through the connecting attributes of this animal. Then there are those who have a advanced soul and therefor are guided by higher forms such as the ascended masters or the Archangels. These guides could be with you your whole life through or maybe just pop in from time to time to assist you with specific lessons. These guides often take on the role and appearance of traditional teachers or narrators; you might see them as religious figures while another connects more with spiritual souls like a Native American or souls like a wise woman or a shaman.

Some people connect to the nature realms and feel their guides’ energy is more like that from the faerie kingdoms; whilst others feel a strong connection to interdimensional beings from beyond the stars. Your guide could come from other worlds or realms, maybe even places that your own spirit once resided; such as other planets like Pleiades or Sirius. This is something that in recent years began to develop more, people felt these ‘alien’ guides come closer, making themselves known which is an intriguing topic all on its own.

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