List of our services,

The type of Readings and their explanation

It can sometimes be difficult to understand all the different terms and styles associated with readings. Often, these terms can overlap in meaning or are based on a reader’s personal preference. We decided to make things clearer knowing the large amount of questions people tend to have related to this topic. This way you can have the best possible experience when getting a reading.

Psychic: Almost all readers have psychic abilities (unless they purely use cards or other tools and give only the exact meaning associated). Psychics can receive information in many different ways, through visions (either with the physical eyes or the minds eye), through hearing messages from spirit guides, intuitive knowing, empathic feeling, and other ways. Psychics may also be mediums, but are not always. They may or may not use cards or other divination tools. Generally, psychics can help with most personal issues (love, career, health) and give some insight into possible future events. A psychic may also be able to see energetic issues or blockages in the energy field. Each one is different.

Mediumship: A Medium is a specific type of psychic who specializes in communicating with loved ones in spirit. A medium often gives evidential information and messages from friends and family members who have passed. There are also Mediums who connect with spirit guides, angels, ascended masters or other beings who wish to offer guidance those are also known as a Quantum Medium on this page. You may wonder why I’ve called it a Quantum Medium, for one it’s a term I’ve channeled when working with the Archangel Gabriel. 

He explained Quantum Physics, as a scientific principle proves the existence of things we can not see or understand and that the world around is is not solid, or static, but rather everything consists of vibrating energy. So a person who works as a medium connected to mainly the divine world would be a person who proves their existance much like quantum physics proofs the existence of energy we cannot see. 

Tarot: Tarot is a specific divination tool among many. The Tarot comes in many forms and has a history dating back to the mid-fifteenth century. It is contains of 78 cards typically, which are comprised of four suits called the minor arcana as well as major arcana cards that represent major archetypal ideas. The Tarot is widely popular as a divination tool because it is incredibly versatile and can be used to assist in answering almost any question. Tarot readers often use the cards in conjunction with psychic information to give a rich view of the questioner’s situation.

Angel reading: Angels, archangels, guides, and ascended masters are all available to help us on our life’s journey. Angel readers often connect to these energies psychicly or with Angel cards or tools to bring in powerful messages form these high-vibration beings. 

This is another one of my favorite ways and possible the one I use the most.

Oracle cards: Oracle is a catch-all term for any divination tools or cards ands hould not be confused with the term Angel Oracle. Many people have created decks or tools that can be used to bring in messages for the questioner. Tools can include anything from Goddess Decks to runes, to dowsing rods and much more. Each reader finds tools that work for them and assist them in bringing forth healing and helpful messages.

Past Life: Many people in the spiritual community believe that we are capable of incarnating on the Earth more than once for the purpose of learning and growth. Some readers are able to relate information about an individuals past lives for the purpose of understanding issues that are going on in one’s current life. There are various ways that readers may get this information, whether through psychic visions, spirit guides, or through trance work such as Akashic Records readings.

This is one of my favorite ways of helping my clients.

Akashic Records Readings: The Hall of the Akashic Records is a location in the Universe where all information is stored for each soul. The records can be accessed by only a very few readers through shamanic journeying, trance, hypnosis, or through havinga connection with the guarding Angels. Akashic records work can be very helpful in understanding life purpose or lessons. In can be used to help understand or resolve issues at a soul-level.

Spirit Art: I am able to draw  pictures of  Spirit guides and other divine who make themselves known in a reading.  

These are the type readings we offer here at Circle of Angels.. 

Our Circle of Angel Healing services explained.

There are many types of energy therapies, some which use treatments such as light, sound, crystals and even magnets. These sessions are relatively easy to understand for the non believers and doubters amongst us. Other kinds of energy therapies, such as Healing Touch, Reiki, Shamballah, Angel Healing and therapeutic touch, affect the energy fields surrounding our bodies  and penetrate the human body. These therapies have the same amount of success if not more yet there are still many who question the practitioner because it cannot be as easily measured or researched.

For those who doubt in the ability of a lightworker, healer or Angel Practitioner, I do understand the idea may be hard to grasp but I always ask my doubting costumers to approach our services with an open mind. 

For many of the techniques used in energy therapies come from practices in shamanistic and Asian traditions with thousands of years of use. For example, more than 2,000 years ago, Asian healers believed that the flow and balance of life energies were important in maintaining health, and that illnesses were due to energy imbalances. They developed therapies and practices, such as acupuncture, yoga, and Qigong to correct these imbalances. Modern energy therapies such as Angel healing, Reiki and Healing Touch are based on the same principles.


My Glossary

I’ve always had a very curious and eager to learn personality which is shown when you go through the list of healing and Reading techniques I’ve studied. One of the reasons I’ve studied so many is because I wanted to offer my costumers everything they desired and because I wanted to learn as much as possible. 

the healing techniques I studied before developing my own.

  • Usui Reiki.
  • Shielding.
  • Kundalini. 
  • Violet Flame and SilverViolet Flame healing.
  • Quantum Touch.
  • Angel Healing.
  • Shamballa.
  • healing touch.
  • Natural healing
  • Crystal Healing.
  • Chakra/Aura healing.
  • Multiple attunments.

The Reading techniques I studied.

  • Spirit Art.
  • Psychic Readings.
  • Mediumship. 
  • Tarot reading.
  • Numerology.
  • Oracle cards. 
  • Photo reading.
  • Past Life reading. 
  • Runestone casting. 
  • Scrying. 
  • Angel/ Spirit Guide reading.
  • Akashic Records Reading. 

Additional courses and classes followed

  • Angel Practitioner.
  • Connections with the Angel Realms.
  • Massage Therapy.
  • Reflexology.
  • Color Therapy. 
  • Graphology.
  • Psychology. 
  • Herbalism. 
  • Shamanism. 
  • Crystals and their healing properties. 
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