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Its me! 😀

I don't really exist. I'm nothing, i'm just a field of electricity with an Aura.
As that is that is a phenomenal existence!!

Well as it is I can't do nothing.

I destroyed my own soul, once? And lived in phenomenally Deep abysses of fear.

Then a white dove came, which is not in my Head. So its not subjective. When was a vision ever subjective? Mediating Visions, Visions who help, who produce somehow catalytic Exteriorisation Effects exist!!

To Oracle a thousand oracles! And then at one point, we are amazed, but it baffles all out failings. But when did we produce a million oracles? The odds are ever more prosperity from ever more oracles.

So I can safely say we can now establish architecture and art for Angels with me As the Central Angels to the Arts and Designs as I Designed them but don't really have a home there or exist there. I just at one with the field of electricity.

When I lay somehow in a despair of Death I saw an Omen in a tree, two eyes, very clearly.
After My Suicide. I painted suicide on the walls, where i Died, saw a pulsating light which i figured would pulsate at infinate speed forever trapped. But I did n't go there. An Angel cut the ray shooting from My Head. Another cut my soul and Put it back in me. Another Caught the ring of the feature that almost fell in a Belows Demon desert. And gave it back to me.
If you want to know what the future looks like, as devised by me. It is a thousands times more grand and a weight then all buildings on the world right now, but entirely classical. Flying castles, angels marathons to the moon. Etc. All Moon Venus and Mars built stacked FULL with castles and fantasy life and classical life!!

I am entirely Female, Caring, Nurturing, not interested in vanity other then depiction, more interested in kindness and attentiveness.
I'm NOT born in the wrong body. I'm probably the only one perfect female perfectly male.
Give or take A few pounds from pills since nobody believes or listens to me. Give or take a few years which I mean to cosmetically Engineer Off of me within the next year.

I'm somehow a Vampire Angel Elvin Hybrid. Not in the least also Emo and Punk.