Archangel Orifiel

The Archangel Orifiel correspondences.

  • Name Archangel:
  • Also known as:
  • Angelic Rank:
  • Angelic race:
  • Celestial title:
  • Guardian off:
  • Works with:
  • Legions: 
  • What religion mentions him:
  • Egyptian name:
  • Norse name:
  • Greek/ Roman title:
  • Celtic title:
  • Energy color:
  • Planet under rulership:
  • Season:
  • Month:
  • Day:
  • Zodiak:
  • Element:
  • Animal:
  • Color:
  • Gemstone:
  • Symbol:
  • Tarot card:
  • Tree:
  • Flower:
  • Herb:
  • Anatomy Governed:
  • Archangel Orifiel
  • Oraphael, Oriphiel, Orphiel, Orifel, Orfiel
  • Throne, Archangel.
  • Erilim.
  • Divine Cessation.
  • Guardian Angel of the wilderness. 
  • Archangel Anael, Ariel, Nathaniel. 
  • Orifiel has a legion connected to that of Anael. 
  • Kabbalah, 
  • The God Geb. 
  • Vadir.
  • Pan.
  • Cernunnos.
  • A mix of yellow, green and gold. 
  • Earth. 
  • All four seasons. 
  • All twelve months. 
  • Wednesday, Thursday, 
  • Earth signs. 
  • Earth, Wood.
  • Deer, 
  • indigo, forest and hunter green, 
  • Nephrite. 
  • arrow, bow. 
  • The Emperor. 
  • All trees. 
  • Wilde geranium and all other flowers grown in a forest. 
  • Dill. 
  • feet. 

Magical intentions: Groundingnatural healing, herbalism, connecting to your roots, he inspires you to cherish nature, protects you from the dangers in nature, element magic, weather magic, 

Celestial tasks: guardian of the wilderness, Protector of animals, guardian of the forests on Earth. 

Prayer: Angel of the Forests, in this world we live in today, the environment is suffering terribly and I desire to put some of my energy into doing what I can do in order to protect it. I will become more aware of my surroundings and of my own contributions its care.

Who is the Archangel Orifiel and what is his role in our universe.

Archangel Orifiel is the divine angel of the wilderness. He is the angel of nature, forests and their inhabitants. He safeguards the wilderness, and every wild animal and plant. He inspires you to protect, connect with and respect nature. He is the patron of environmentalists and those who try to conserve nature.

This beautiful angel appears in uninhabited regions. You find him in hidden forests. Where you more easily connect with the vital energy of nature. Pray for his guidance when you are going camping or hiking. You can also call on Orifiel when you are trying to reconnect with your ancestrial roots through nature such as druidism. Orifiel inspires you to resonate with nature and protects you from the dangers of wilderness while keeping your energy grounded.

The color of Orifiel is the color forest green combined with indigo. This is why he is also known as the protector of indigo souls, you can use the color indigo in your invocation ritual by using indigo candles or visualizing the indigo flame in the palm of your hands.