Circle of Angels

Welcome home,

The time to unite those wandering along the path of spiritual awakening has arrived. The first steps to unite has taken form into this brand new community named Circle of Angels Unite. A site created to share the experiences we have gained as we walked amongst others who were are on their path to awakening. 

We welcome all, Angelic souls, Starseeds, Elven, Fae, Otherkin, Lightworkers, Spiritworkers, Shadowworkers and spiritual seekers. Together we form a Celestial family connected through spiritual interest and beliefs. 

About me

I was born in one of the smaller cities in the Netherlands, a city with a rich history going back several centuries. A challenging town for those gifted such as myself. My gifts were discovered at a young age by both my parents, my father a spiritualist and hypnotist with famous Dutch psychics as friends asked for advice when I first began to develop my gifts. Not only had I become distracted by the many things I would hear, feel or see, my classmates who had noticed the changes began treat me differently.

Some of our groups

Spells and Rituals

spell suggestions

The group Spells and Rituals is meant for those interested in magick, the pagans, witches who wish to share what spells have worked for them.

The Elven kingdom

Share and explore

The elven kingdom, a group for those who feel connected to the elven realms. Feel free to explore, read and addinformation.

The underwater realms

The world of Mermaids

Next to the elven and fae realms ther eis the unexplored underwater world filled with mermaids and other water spirits.

New on our site

Our newest Archangel Pages

Archangel Aurora

The Archangel Aurora, guardian of the North.


Archangel Sithriel

The Archangel Sithriel,


Archangel Asariel

Archangel Asariel , Angel of developing inner soul life.


Archangel Amitiel

An fallen Archangel who is working on redemption.


New forum posts

The Archangel Michael Blessing

Prayer for energy cleansing


Our forum has many categories in wihch you can post questions, stories or experiences.


I had a great healing session that took about an hour where she explained everything to me, and her pendants aren't just gemstones but blessed with the energy of angels.

Johnny Ferron


Great healing service, light and soothing just as was described.

Dimitri Ivanov


What a beautiful experience. Thank you.

Jessica Hernandez




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