• The Angelic world

    The Angelic rank and race.

    The Angelic hierarchy is one of the subjects mankind misinterpreted, they believe the old documents in which the hierarchy was mentioned as both the race and their ranks. This is why I wrote this page where I will explain the races as well as the hierarchy clearing any of the confusion once and for all.   What is the difference between the race or rank? There are many places where I soul can come from for the Universe in which we reside has all kinds of portals, wormholes and gateways creating doorways for a soul to travel through. Next to portals, wormholes and gateways there are the Dimensions, the realms,…

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  • The Angelic world

    The Celestial Hierarchy

    Principalities – The kings/ heavens rulers. Dominions – comparable to presidents, Virtues – High judge, Archon – Bringers of judgement. Powers – Enforcers of the law. Thrones – spreading the law/ mayors. Guardians – Guardians of the universe, can be seen as with guardian angels.  The most popular rank are the Archangels, the Celestial princes and princesses of the universe, leaders of their legion. These beings of pure intent have an authority to which they listen. The king, the main ruler to which the Archangel listens is the principality of the domain in which the Archangels legion works. The Archangel is as a prince following the king’s commands. This happens…

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  • The Angelic world


    Somehow my sources box was removed during the theme change, I’ve been working on fixing this when I have the time which I don’t. So for now I leave this post, information you find on this site resembles that of two others. A course about Angels at elohim in the Netherlands as well as a American website named Alurasangels. I’ve had contact with both explaining that I share either parts of their information and had permission if and when I mention them on my site. For a long time I’ve had a box (widget) to the right of my page with the name, website and acknowledgements of resembling information but…