Archangel Mithriel

Archangel Mithriel Correspondences

  • Name Archangel:
  • Also known as:
  • Angelic Rank:
  • Angelic race:
  • Celestial title:
  • Guardian off:
  • Works with:
  • Legions: 
  • What religion mentions him:
  • Egyptian name:
  • Norse name:
  • Greek/ Roman title:
  • Energy color:
  • Planet under rulership:
  • Season:
  • Month:
  • Day:
  • Zodiak:
  • Element:
  • Animal:
  • Color:
  • Gemstone:
  • Symbol:
  • Tarot card:
  • Tree:
  • Flower:
  • Herb:
  • Anatomy Governed:
  • Archangel Mithriel
  • Angel Mithril, Mithra’il 
  • Archangel and Dominion.
  • Malakim, able to work with both dark and light. 
  • Eagle eyes of the creator.
  • Guardian of the balance between dark and light. 
  • Archangels Michael, Samael and Metatron.
  • Mithriel’s legion is small but strong. 
  • unknown in other religions. 
  • wepwawet (Upuaut)
  • Fenris.
  • Leto, 
  • A mix of pale green and pale yellow with grey. 
  • none.
  • Winter. 
  • November.
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 
  • Capricorn.
  • Fire.
  • Wolf. 
  • Pale green, Pale yellow and grey. 
  • Pale green solar quartz.
  • none known other than the wolf.
  • Hanged man.
  • Redwood trees. 
  • cyclamen.
  • coriander.
  • shoulders, knees. 

Introducing Archangel Mithriel


There no religious belief in which this angel was mentioned yet he like many others has a crucial task. He is a strong energy connected to that of his cousin Archangel Michael which is why many often mistake him to for Archangel Michael, which he is not. There is quit a difference between these two Angels not just their energy, rank but also their divine task given by the creator. 

Now Archangel Mithriel may not be as old as his cousin Michael that does not mean he wasn’t part of the heavenly history. He fell  during his campaign of becoming a warrior angel, his training had led him to be temporarily drafted into Samael’s legion. Where he came under Samael’s second in command Azazel who was meant to train him and many other Angels in the art of  protection and battle. Now the creator had wished for these Angels to become those who protect, bring lessons and deliver information quickly when needed but that is not the only thing Azazel taught Mithriel. 

He like many others followed their teacher towards Earth and thus became part of the Rebellion. Mithriel was assigned a role which connected him to other Fallen ones like the Angel Gadriel and together they had formed multiple smaller units of which Mithriel and Gadriel became its leaders. It was during these missions he became aware of the mistake he made but it was already to late, Archangel Mithriel like many others was bound to Earth for many generations. He knew there was only one way to regain his position and this was through good deeds and celestial acts. It took  Mithriel centuries to regain his heavenly home. For the creator though forgiven wished he learned from his mistake, a lesson he would turn into motivation for his new heavenly task.


Archangel Mithriel is one of the only ones who regained his title by using his time on Earth as a lesson guiding other lost beings backt owards the creator. He became the gatekeeper between dark and light, working his magic within the shadows of time. He has faced more darkness and united many lost souls with the creator by showing them the truth. These lost souls become part of his legion regaining their own place back in their heavenly home by spreading his knowledge and light.  

Archangel Mithriel is one of many heavenly soldiers making the mistake of following their superior blindly. In fact there are many who like him discovered the mistake they made and are working their way back to their heavenly home. They aren’t always the evil fallen Angels others wish you te believe. There are many who instead of the title Archangel become a watcher/guardian, spying on the dark forces and other lower vibration beings for the principalities in charge. 

Archangel Mithriel was always a strong energy that became stronger after having experienced the rebellion, fallen with his brethern only to work his way back into God’s good graces. 


Mithriel is a handsome Angel with tan glowing skin and black hair. He wears a moss greenshirt with black pants and a moss green and black cloack. He has wide grey and brown wings that when spread reach across this entire world. He uses them as shields who block any negative energy if and when needed. 

He can appear to you in three ways, a large wolf with a glowing pale blue and grey aura. A spiral of grey and yellow energy  surrounding a large pale green figure or his Angelic form as described above. 

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