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I was born in one of the smaller cities in the Netherlands, a city with a rich history going back several centuries. A challenging town for those gifted such as myself. My gifts were discovered at a young age by both my parents, my father a spiritualist and hypnotist with famous Dutch psychics as friends asked for advice when I first began to develop my gifts. Not only had I become distracted by the many things I would hear, feel or see, my classmates who had noticed the changes began treat me differently. My father’s friends advised them to help me understand the gifts I was born with and this is exactly what they did. Each time I would see, hear or feel certain things I’d openly share this with my parents who’d explain what this meant changing my fears into curiosity. As a teenager this curiosity became overwhelming, I began my research in the local library and quickly found several topics that interested me. One of these topics had been healing, another one was tarot and last but not least was paganism and witchcraft. My curiosity grew with each passing day, I began to study certain aspects such as the spirit world, tarot, oracle decks, witchcraft and natural healing.

The first time I was introduced to the Archangel Michael was at age seventeen during one of the most chaotic nights I have experienced. My interest to serve and help those in need began to grow in my teens, I volunteered at multiple places one of these jobs was during a huge dance party in Groningen. I worked together with some of my friends at the first aid post and witnessed several young adults being brought in with drug related issues. To see a person fighting a drug overdose was heavy yet not the heaviest thing I had witnessed that night for halfway through the fights begun and we had to take care of several individuals who had gotten hurt during these fights. The chaos seemed to grow and being sensitive to spiritual influences I noticed the darkness it attracted. Those we helped became more violent threatening those who were trying to take care of their wounds without a care in the world. Being only a teenager I was send out after things had gotten even more intense, my friend, her partner and myself were asked to go to one of the large balconies for our own safety. This is where my friend’s partner became emotional and as he began to argue my friend and I both saw a dark hooded being approaching us. The closer this being came the more clear his eyes became, they were penetrating bright orange with flecks of yellow an image I cannot forget for the life of me. It was when he I stepped forward without  fear and asked for help from my guides that not only my guide but several Angels swooped in. Michael had his wings spread wide, a bright silver to blue and white light spread around the balcony calming the three of us without us knowing. His presence was enough to have the darkness that had been attracted to the location due to the drug use faded and was replaced by light. The Archangel turned his head and spoke a personal message that I hold dear to this day, he told me who he was and left just as quickly as he had arrived. The rest of the night had gone by quickly, everyone calmed down within the facility making the last two hours bearable.

This encounter had left an impression upon me, I became curious about the Angels and studied the lore discovering more each year. Not only did I follow several Angel courses, healing courses and other classes to gain more information but I also began to search for likeminded souls with a curiosity towards Angels. Not long after I had registered on certain Dutch forums I met an older woman who had the idea to start a spiritual angel business though not a clue how. At that point I had become aware that I had a mission, a task or goal which ever you wish to call it related towards the Angels and their realms and shared my own personal ideas. My goal had been to share not just their word, their information but also services and products blessed with their energy or connected to their energy such as gemstone pendants or spirit water. She loved the idea and quickly took over everything from the way to bless these pendants to what angels to connect certain gemstones with. This lady forbid me to use the products for my own Circle of Angels idea and demanded I formed my own which is when I realized she was using me and my gift for power and stepped away. I cut off all communications after we had one last meeting in which she shared the prices, her concept and I simply couldn’t get it over my heart to ask the prices she put under the items. I began to develop my own business while being in a toxic relationship connecting to the Angels more and more each day. Not only did I channel them on a weekly base but I held conversations with my spirit guide and guardian angel about the correct steps to take in life.

My life went on as I started to spread my message at spiritual fairs, local businesses and online. Often I had gotten the question how do you know that they are the Angels and not other beings pretending to be an angel. An question I answered with hope and faith for they have supported me ever since I have taken the steps to have my company be as selfless as I could. From finding a way out of a toxic relationship, to a rather traumatic experience where the Archangel Raphael and Gabriel appeared as to me as I woke during a surgery unable to breath.  They have guided me, protected me and enriched my life in many ways that I have no doubts about the beings surrounding myself, they are pure of intent.

It is due to their guidance that I found myself in America, where I spend seven years living in a strange country, experiencing cultures and learning a lot about myself and my personal mission through, spiritual courses, psychic classes and  informative sites such as Aluras Angels before  returning back to the Netherlands where I once again set up my business never changing the name Circle of Angels for it was given to me in a dream and it reminded me of the days where I found myself surrounded by these magnificent beings.

Nowadays I have developed my business with the mission to bring celestial truth to those in my own country, I still use information I discovered over the years for I find these to be the most correct and relatable to my own findings. Not only do I offer insight on the celestial truth but I also offer services such as psychic and or medium ship consults, healing, Dutch angel Information classes and the Dutch angel tea party as I’ve been offering over the years but adjusted the business to a community open for all spiritual seekers, like minded souls, lost souls, teachers, students. Everyone is welcome here!!



Within the circle of Angels community we ask our members to have respect for others, do not judge them or treat them in manners you wouldn't wish to be treated either.


Next to respect we ask of our members for hospitality, some of the members might be young or struggling in need of guidance, treat them kindly.


Angel Aurora

Website developer, creator and writer.



We realize that this chaotic world can become overwhelming especially for those more sensitive to energies and decided to offer free of charge daily healing. With this we hope to brighten your day by lifting the burden you might feel. We use a combination of lightgrid, Angel healing and Angel prayer on a daily base and would love to add your name to the list. Please know your information is safe with us, we do not share anything with third parties. Check out our Angelic Healing page or fill out the form below if interested. We thank you for every request you have send and are honored you trust us


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