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The Archangels Explained.

The Archangel, A famous Celestial being with each their own qualities, energies and missions. There are multiple races amongst the title Archangel; for example; Archangel Michael is a Seraphim while Archangel Chamuel is a Cherubim. Yes the Archangels are not a race on itself but a rank amongst the Hierarchy.

When looking through the information given you will discover that the Archangels are often placed in the last rank within the Angelic Hierarchy but this is wrong.  When you look at the hierarchy knowing what the Angels stand for you will understand where I come from. Archangels are often said to be the leaders, commanders or Angelic Princes, a Prince or a Commander cannot lead their Legion from such a position therefor I believe this was misinterpreted information. From the first day I began my journey I felt this information was wrong so asked the Angels I work with about this and was told that an Archangel can be placed anywhere in the Hierarchy. Their rank within their realm is connected with their soul’s mission. Archangels come in many different vibrations, each Angel working within their own realm together with the Legion they rule. They are the most important amongst their ranks for they lead their legions and rule their own area within this realm. But even the Archangels have to answer to other Angelic beings, the principalities ruling within the Dimension their realm is located.

Artistic Archangel

The seven ruling Archangels;

Earth is part of a multiverse, within this multiverse are many dimensions, realms, pocket-realms and sub-planes with each their own hierarchy. There is one Celestial being per plane of existence, they rule over the Earth and its connecting universe. These beings are the Earth’s council or Elder depending on how you call them, some view them as Gods and maybe they are in a certain way but to me they are not such for there is one creating force above it all and he and she are the god and goddess and are the energies who rule over every aspect within the universe. There are seven heavens and seven Dimensions connected to Earth, each of the ruling Archangels are the true masters of that realm. But who are the seven main Archangels?

  1. Baraquel,
  2. Lumiel,
  3. Shemeshiel,
  4. Tamitiel,
  5. Dayael,
  6. Elikael,
  7. Archarael,

These are the Celestial names of the Archangels who rule the heavens but most are known on Earth under different names. These Angels true names have stayed hidden till modern age in which more information about these Angels are exposed.

Archangel Baraqiel is the Celestial being brought to Earth when humanity was ready to expand their higher consciousness. Lumiel is responsible for heavens mysteries, he much like the lower rulers conceal the heavenly knowledge from humanity but their reason is to stop humans from Ascension. The only difference between Lumiel and the Lower rulers is their reasoning, while Lumiel does it out of protection the lower rulers wish to create chaos. Lumiel much like every other Angel has fought to keep their truth secret and will keep doing so. Therefor I say; do not believe everything you hear especially within the spiritual community there are a lot of snakes hidden who wish nothing but to use fragments of knowledge for wealth and fame. Shemeshiel is the Angel of nature, they are aware of the importance of nature within every dimension. Dayael is the Angel of compassion and Elikaiel rules over salvation and who receives it. Tamitiel is the lord of selflessness and Archarael rules over the enlightenment of the creator. These seven Angels are the gatekeepers of the main gates leading to their individual realms and sub-planes. But there are far more Archangels who are known to rule the smaller fractions of the heavens as well as guard smaller gates. Below you will find a list of names of Archangels some known, some unknown. 

 List of Archangel Names. 

  • Archangel Adonael – unknown Archangel
  • Archangel Amitiel – Angel of truth.
  • Archangel Anael – Archangel of love and passion.
  • Archangel Ariel – Archangel of nature, animals and healing.
  • Archangel Aurora – Archangel of the North, Angel of the Elements.
  • Archangel Azrael – Angel of Death.
  • Archangel Camael – Archangel of the sight, chief of powers.
  • Archangel Cassiel – Arhangel of Saturn.
  • Archangel Chamuel – Archangel of self love, love and relationships.
  • Arhangel Gabriel – whose name means hero of god.
  • Archangel Gadriel – Angel of Prayer.
  • Archangel Halaliel – Archangel of Karma
  • Archangel Haniel – Guardian of tree of life.
  • Archangel Laoth – Angel who warts off evil.
  • Archangel Jehudiel – ruler of the celestial spheres.
  • Archangel Jeremiel – archangel whose name means “mercy of God.”
  • Archangel Jophiel – Archangel of beauty.
  • Archangel Kafziel – Angel who guards over Saturn.
  • Archangel Kemuel – Chief of the seraphim.
  • Archangel Metatron – one of the greatest archangels, second to god.
  • Archangel Michael – Leader, guardian, Angel who protects.
  • Archangel Nathaniel – Archangel of fire.
  • Archangel Orifiel – archangel over the second hour of the day.
  • Archangel Ouriel – archangel who commands demons.
  • Archangel Phanuel – archangel who is an interpreter of revelations.
  • Archangel Pravuil – an angel who keeps all the records of heaven.
  • Archangel Pronoia – an archon angel who helped make mankind.
  • Archangel Raguel – angel who watches over the behavior of angels.
  • Archangel Ramiel – angel who oversees visions and souls.
  • Archangel Raphael – angel of healing and joy.
  • Archangel Raziel – Angel of mystics, magic and mysteries.
  • Archangel Sabrael – archangel who guards the first heaven.
  • Archangel Sachiel – ruling angel of Jupiter.
  • Archangel Sandalphon – giant protective angel of Earth, prayer.
  • Archangel Samael – Archangel of judgement and justice.
  • Archangel Sithriel – prince of the first heaven.
  • Archangel Simiel – Archangel of the stars.
  • Archangel Uriel – Ruler of ancient scribt.
  • Archangel Yefefiah – archangel who is the prince of the Torah.
  • Archangel Yerachmiel – an archangel who rules earth.
  • Archangel Zadkiel – archangel who rules heaven.
  • Archangel Zaphkiel – angel whose name means “knowledge of God.”

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