The Angelic world


Somehow my sources box was removed during the theme change, I’ve been working on fixing this when I have the time which I don’t. So for now I leave this post, information you find on this site resembles that of two others. A course about Angels at elohim in the Netherlands as well as a American website named Alurasangels. I’ve had contact with both explaining that I share either parts of their information and had permission if and when I mention them on my site. For a long time I’ve had a box (widget) to the right of my page with the name, website and acknowledgements of resembling information but during the theme change this dissapeared. Therefore I want to acknowledge both sources as well as the books I’ve used to gain information.

Course: Engelen. (Dutch.)

Books: gered door Engelen, geesten,gidsen en Engelen. Engelen.

Nancy Angel

Hello and welcome everyone, ~Angelic Soul~Eclectic Pagan~Celtic and Norse Enthusiast~ ~ With a love for fairies, Elves and Angels~

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