The Angelic world

The Celestial Hierarchy

  • Principalities – The kings/ heavens rulers.
  • Dominions – comparable to presidents,
  • Virtues – High judge,
  • Archon – Bringers of judgement.
  • Powers – Enforcers of the law.
  • Thrones – spreading the law/ mayors.
  • Guardians – Guardians of the universe, can be seen as with guardian angels. 
Yar of magic

The most popular rank are the Archangels, the Celestial princes and princesses of the universe, leaders of their legion. These beings of pure intent have an authority to which they listen. The king, the main ruler to which the Archangel listens is the principality of the domain in which the Archangels legion works. The Archangel is as a prince following the king’s commands. This happens within any realm, like armies and kingdoms no matter the size or force. It is the Archangel who carries out the orders of the Principality to the Dominion and the dominion after agreeing will then pass it down to their angel whom hands the order over to the Powers. This is how an order goes down the hierarchy carried to each rank by different angels. In some matters there are different Archangels who bring the order from the principality all the way to the guardians which is why these Angels can travel along the hierarchy a gift none of the other Angels possess. The Principality has the ultimate say over the realm, but the different insight of other angels are considered for they reside closest to the realm of the living; Earth. This is the same way a prayer works though they go up the hierarchy while orders are passed down.  

The Archangels within the hierarchy;

When you look at the popular hierarchy most spiritualists share you will discover the Archangels as the last or second last rank within the hierarchy. A position that was misinterpreted during the discovery of these old texts for these Celestial princes often serve as commanders and thus cannot be in the bottom of the list. These Angels can have a place anywhere in the hierarchy, there are those who choose to stand by those closest to Earth while others stand next to the principality of their realm. Each Archangel has their own vibration and are known to work in the realm their Legion protects. They are considered to be the most important of ranks because they are leaders, and they rule. Yet the Archangel has someone to answer too much like every other Angelic being in the universe. These Angels are often portrait with two energy extensions ‘wings’ even though the amount of wings one being has isn’t based on the race but on the Angels heavenly duty therefor any race can have any amount of wings.

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