The Angelic rank and race.

The Angelic hierarchy is one of the subjects mankind misinterpreted, they believe the old documents in which the hierarchy was mentioned as both the race and their ranks. This is why I wrote this page where I will explain the races as well as the hierarchy clearing any of the confusion once and for all.  

What is the difference between the race or rank?

There are many places where I soul can come from for the Universe in which we reside has all kinds of portals, wormholes and gateways creating doorways for a soul to travel through. Next to portals, wormholes and gateways there are the Dimensions, the realms, the planets and the stars who each have their own doorways expanding the range of ones soul greatly. Everything has its own vibrational pattern, its own energetic blueprint. The Angels are beings who rule over the higher dimensions ending at the Sixth dimension, the fifth dimension is where the nature beings such as fae, elves and other elementals are found. Nature spirits such as the fae, elves and other beings of nature are simply different kind of messengers who carry out inspiration and virtues in the realms below us Earth being also one of them. They function on the same levels as Angels though are very different, their vibration being the proof of this.

There are Angels who have chosen to leave their high ranks in the sixth dimention and up, they came to the lower ones with each their own reason behind this choice. They had to lessen their energy within their spiritual body before leaving for their vibrations are to high to’fit.’ Upon their path of descension their light lessens adjusting to the correct level of vibrations while still having the ability to spread their message. Any soul can come from anywhere in the universe, otherkin, starseeds and even Angels. They are able to send their energy on a path in which they are born in a human body again like any soul. However, they will not hold the same power, they only hold a fraction of their light and thus can’t work on their mission as they could in the heavens. This is why I believe having an actual Angel incarnate to Earth is very rare, their created to serve and have their mission imprinted within their soul. They hold the desire to work on this mission the best they can a task you cannot fullfil when your strength is less during your life. Don’t get me wrong, there are some out there who did take this step, they are born with all of their memories and hold a large amount of their power still within their body because they hold onto their high vibration. The effort to hold onto your higher self and finding the balance between this Dimension and the one they came from is hard, this is because the energy here is heavier, thicker. Those who were able to sustain a life here are called Incarnated Angels, I am an incarnated Angel and have known this for most of my life. There is the possibility that you are one as well, a way to discover if you are is through a soul reading where the psychic sees the pattern of ones soul and verifies this for you. Another way of discovering who or what you are is researching the many distinctive charactistics connected to Angelkin, discover what connects with you and learn to trust in your own intuition for there is no one who knows your soul better than you.  

With the right information and time you will be able to focus on not just the type of soul you are, the race and even what your souls task was before coming here.  

Birth of the soul.Angelic RacesSeraphim,Erelim,Cherubim,Ophanim,Ma’limMalakim,Ishim,Chalkydri,Nephilim,

The Seraphim in their energy form;

Any of the Angelic races can graduate and work on all levels and positions available within the hierarchy. It is that position that will determine how many wings an Angel has. The Seraphim are feline or serpent looking spirits who work in the dominion They are known to possess from two to six wings yet have always appeared with feline and serpent appearance. What this exactly means is that their energy is made our of vortexes that resembles the form of a serpent but its face will look like that of a lion. Yet its energy coming from its body makes it seem like the Seraphim has a phoenix like aura made of flaming feathers.

The Erelim and their energy;

The Erelim are a race often forgotten even though they are created to hold tasks at the same level as the Seraphim does. It is said that the Erelim serves in some of the highest ranks depending on the Angel themselves. They are known for their bravery and valiant characters.

The Cherubim and their energy;

The Cherubim has been witnessed in several ways but mostly they will take on the form of a sphere of light with four energy extensions. They work as power or throne mostly though there are those who are Arcangels such as the lovely Chamuel.

The Ophanim and their energy;

The Ophanim are the race of Angels who can be best described as planetary Angels. These are the Angels who are assigned to planets and have find justice for all important. They are the Angels who have the ability to highlight injustice and send healing to the victim. In history they are seen seen as wheels yet their Celestial form is as that of a phoenix, a flaming birdlike form.

The Ma’lim also known as Mashalim and their energy;

Are a race of Celestial beings of which there isn’t much information other than that they reside in some of the highest dimensions. Their form like the cherubim can differ though they appear a large energy cloud with extensions swirling around them.

The Malakim and their energy;

The Malakim are a race who function within the dark and light which is why I call them the grey angels. They’re objective working for the creator in their own way. These angels can appear as a enormous orb of light with shadow looking smoke surrounding it.

Different forms

The Ishim and their energy;

The Ishim reside in the fifth dimension an are Angels created out of the Elements such as fire and water. There are different opinion about their importance in the heavens. There are those who believe they are one of t he highest ranking races while others find them closer to the human kind. No matter what they are as a race or where they stand their task and role in the universe is as all others important for there is a reason each of these races exist.

The Chalkydri and their energy;

Much like the Ophanim and the Seraphim the race Chalkydri appears as large firey birds with twelve wings who are also described as elements of the sun. They are known to roam the sixth dimension where they greeted the sun with song. Their color ranging from pastel to vibrant purple and their wings largest of all.

The Chalkydri

The Nephilim and their energy;

The Nephilim are a hybrid race who are born from the sons of god and daughters of men. Most of these souls are ‘evil’ but not all for they are humans with the dna of Angels in their physical body, their bloodline is the key other Angels use to incarnate and thus even these beings have a purpose in our universe. Their appearance are like men with angelic features which often make them stand out.